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We are an approachable and friendly team of experts that take a great pride in our work. We are delighted when were told that we have exceeded our clients’ expectations. 

Partner Led Accountancy

We are a partner led service which means that your first meeting is typically with a partner of the firm. At that meeting, we will go through your affairs in great detail to ensure that we thoroughly understand your business. The benefit of this approach is that we invariably uncover aspects of your affairs that may not have been fully considered before and which may assist us in mitigating your tax liabilities. This may entail restructuring the ownership of your business or doing your day to day business and accounting for it in a different way.

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30 years of business accounting

For over 30 years Chris Wilkins has been advising individuals and businesses on the best way to keep more of what they earn. Whether it’s representing clients against an HM Revenue & Customs enquiry, advising on more tax-efficient accounting or financial structures or simply keeping a business or individual’s accounts in the very best order we never forget that whilst we have hundreds of clients, you only have one accountant and you want and deserve the best.

Business tax planning starts now

We believe that the best tax planning is done in advance, not in arrears. Indeed some tax planning that we are presently undertaking must be in place for at least two years for it to obtain maximum tax benefits. Therefore, shared ownerships, directorships and employments may need to be planned at least two years before an exit. We often discuss the potential sale of a business when we first meet clients as the creation of that conversation forces them to consider more keenly their own internal structures, ownerships, employee obligations and employee share options which may not have hitherto been considered.

What our clients say...

We have been clients of Wilkins Southworth for over 11 years during which we have saved a significant amount of tax compared with our previous accountant. During a recent lengthy HMRC enquiry into our affairs Chris showcased his skills and it was in large part due to his knowledge and robust approach that it ended with a great result. We have no hesitation in recommending Chris as the cleverest accountant we know.
Mark Homer & Rob Moore
Progressive Property
I have been a client of Wilkins Southworth for over 25 years and can easily attest that they are the most competent and professional firm I have ever done business with. Chris Wilkins has a refreshingly straightforward manner and an amazing eye for detail. I have recommended Wilkins Southworth to many business associates and they have all thanked me for it - there really is no-one better. Unless you like paying a lot of tax then you should use Wilkins Southworth.
Richard Davies
Managing Director, CHX Group

Accountant for Business

We cover all aspects of business accounting, auditing, personal tax, property tax and corporate tax