Residential Property Development Tax Update

The Residential Property Development Tax (RPDT) origins can be traced back to the horrific Grenfell Tower fire of 14 June 2017. Issues found with the cladding and the building led to a UK wide review, highlighting many more buildings with similar problems. Consequently, after protracted legal wrangling, the UK government eventually agreed to cover the cost of remediating cladding issues.

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Bounce back loans, misuse of company funds and repercussions

The subject of Director’s Loan Accounts (DLAs) has recently been in the news with concerns regarding the potential misuse of Bounce Back Loans. In theory, DLAs are relatively straightforward, but they can become quite complicated when you dig a little deeper.

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Company and personal filing deadlines/penalties

There are strict deadlines, whether you are filing your company accounts, corporation, or personal tax return. While there are situations where you can apply for an extension, it is important to be aware of the deadlines and the potential penalties. Repeat offenders may see their options reduced in the future and increased penalty charges.

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